Providing people experiencing homelessness the tools to live more comfortably in extreme temperatures without sacrificing ventilation

Introducing Torch Tiles

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Torch Tiles

(for those in need)

Torch Tiles reflect heat to provide warmth and/or cooling without sacrificing ventilation and breathability.



- Shade/cooling from the sun's heat

- Insulation / warmth during the cold

- Humidity reduction


Using a low tech, high-grade material, Torch Tiles, paired with zip tie attachments, effectively bring comfort to people experiencing homelessness and refugees at a cost that NGOs and aid providers can actually afford. 

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Buy one, Give one: Torch Tiles

(for camping)

These tiles are awesome for camping. If you expect any weather - hot or cold temperatures, or humidity - our tiles will help. I can't even imagine trying to camp somewhere like Death Valley during the summer without one. 


In addition to getting a lightweight essential to improve your camping experience, you will improve someone's life with this buy-one give-one deal. Thanks to you, a refugee family or person experiencing homelessness will get one of these products as well.


(Don't just take our word for it)

The People Concern

One of the men I gave a Torch Tile to on Skid Row told me, "I have COVID and can't isolate because my tent is too hot. This product will keep my tent cooler so I can actually stay inside and isolate."

Street Watch LA

When we were distributing Torch Tiles on Skid Row everyone was super excited about the product. Everyone was saying how hot and uncomfortable their shelters were and they were excited to be offered a solution which would help cool off their homes.

Torch Team in Greece

The product helps with humidity in addition to temperature. Instead of the moisture condensing on the tent and dripping inside, moisture condensed outside the Torch Tile and kept the inside drier.



Using a low tech, high-grade material known as Aluminet that is widely used in industrial-scale greenhouses, Torch Tiles, paired with zip tie attachments, effectively bring comfort to refugees at a cost that NGOs and aid providers can actually afford. 

Temperature & Humidity Regulation


Torch utilizes our own body heat to regulate temperature and humidity. About 40% percent of the heat lost by the body, which is enough to power a 100-volt lightbulb, is lost through waves of radiant heat. Another 50% of heat loss can be attributed to evaporation and convection, which is the heat carried in water and air that we often feel in the discomfort of sweat and humidity. During winter months, the highly reflective two-sided aluminum coating takes advantage of this radiation to reflect up to 60% of radiant body heat back inside the tent, increasing the tent temperature by an additional 5-15 degrees F on average.


What makes our tiles even better is that they can be moved to the exterior to reflect intense sunlight away to cool and decrease the chances of dehydration and heat exhaustion. And with added UV resistance, it won’t lose its effectiveness.


In addition to temperature regulation, Torch reduces humidity. Because torch’s Aluminet material is knitted to allow 30% transparency, it creates a layer of permeability that allows the warmest, moisture-filled air to escape.

When used in combination with an external tarp, Torch collects these moisture droplets outside the tent and shields the interior from becoming damp and unsanitary, which will reduce the frequency of bacterial growth and infection-related disease.

Adaptability & Distribution 

The simple, tile-like and stretch-to-shape design can cover almost any living space, and assembly is easy. While we have an instruction manual, we want users to get creative with our tiles, giving them the agency to improve their conditions how they see fit. 

If one tile becomes ripped or punctured, only that one tile needs to be replaced and recycled as opposed to the entire surface, which greatly decreases maintenance and distribution costs for NGOs and other aid providers.

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